BIGINN ClusterXchange: Quantum Science in Vilnius

BIGINN Partnership invites SMEs, clusters, research centres, and other scale-up organizations to visit Vilnius University and meet leading international experts working on manipulating quantum matter, particularly in the areas of quantum simulation and quantum computation with ultracold atoms, photons, and other platforms. This will arranged under the umbrella of Humbold Kolleg on Synthetic Quantum Matter.

Eligible participants will have the access to the ClusterXchange mobility scheme’s 280 Eur lump-sum to cover travel and other participation expenses.

What will you do?

15.30Tour in Vilnius

18.15 Registration & Welcome Party

8.00 Registration

8.30 Opening speeches

9.00 Session 1: Quantum Computation and Quantum Simulation

10.30 Coffee break

11:10 Session 2: Unconventional and hybrid systems

12.25 Lunch

14.00 Session 3: Interacting quantum systems

15.15 Coffee break

15.50 Session 4: Quantum computation and quantum simulation with photons and atoms

17.30 Poster session & Networking

8.55 Introduction

9.00 Session 5: Topology for ultracold atoms

10.15 Coffee break

11:50 Session 6: Topological photonics

12.30 Picture

12.40 Lunch

14.30 Cultural  program: Trakai

19.30 Networking dinner

15.50 Session 4: Quantum computation and quantum simulation with photons and atoms

17.30 Poster session & Networking

8.55 Information

9.00 Session 7: Quantum simulations with ultracold atoms

10.15 Coffee break

11:00 Session 8: Many body effects in condensed matter

12.15 Lunch

14.00 Session 9: Non classical and few body systems

15.15 Coffee break

16.00 Session 10:

17.15 Closing remarks

17.30 Networking

What you will meet?

The largest Lithuanian scientific institution – Vilnius University, has deservedly earned the status of a leader in science and research. European university traditions, academic freedom and diversity of opinions, the ability to deal with new challenges in the constantly changing world, and social responsibility are the fundamental values of the University. Established in 1579, the University comprises 12 faculties, 7 institutes, 2 university hospitals, 4 interfaculty centres of study and research, the oldest library in Lithuania with a modern Science Communication and Information Centre, the Astronomical Observatory, the Botanical Garden, and the Church of St. Johns.

Why to participate?

  • Visit Vilnius University’s physics community
  • Immerse within the Quantum Science innovation ecosystem
  • Find out more about big science research at Vilnius University and worldwide
  • Strengthen knowledge about the Big Science and learn about new potential innovative projects
  • Expand their network: participate in networking activities
  • Share you knowledge and capabilities. Get the latest news on Quantum Science

Who can participate?

Everyone. But to receive financial support of 280 € an eligible entity should be from from COSME country (excl. Lithuania, in this event) which is:

  • A cluster or similar business network organization
  • A scaling-up support organization (technology centre, research institute, fab-lab, resource-efficiency service provider, [digital] innovation hub, creative hub, incubator, or accelerator) that is a cluster or a similar business network organisation member
  • A small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) that is a cluster or a similar business network organisation member
  • Have not participated in ClusterXchange mobility scheme

BIGINN: A new beginning for business and Big Science Innovation project ( co-funded by COSME program (GA No. 101037928, COS-CLUSTER-2020-3-03-1). BIGINN partnership is willing to unlock the innovation potential of clusters in relationship with Big Science organizations and bring SMEs and other interested parties closer to Big Science market