BIGINN ClusterXchange: Visit Big Science in Gran Canaria

BIGINN Partnership invites SMEs, clusters, research centres, and other scale-up organizations related to Fusion Technologies to exchange ideas, review the state-of-the-art and foresee emerging trends in the field.

During the exchange, the visiting organizations (VOs) will have the possibility to discuss on fundamental as well as engineering aspects of fusion technologies along with their novel scientific and hi-tech industrial applications together with an open forum for the discussion of technological bottlenecks, enabling concepts, original ideas, and networking. This will be organized under the umbrella of the 15th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT).

Eligible participants will have the access to the ClusterXchange mobility scheme’s 1100 / 550 Eur lump-sum to cover travel and other participation expenses.

Interested? Write

What will you do?

16:00 Welcome, introduction of the participants and networking time, HO and VOs

8:30 Progress and challenges on ITER project

10:10 Networking coffee

10:40 Progress and challenges on Fusion programmes in China and Korea

12:00 Networking lunch

14:00 Specific talks on areas of interest (blanket technologies, plasma-facing components, burning plasma operation & control, inertial confinement)

16:15 Networking time, informal group meetings with European Fusion ecosystem

18:30 Networking reception

8:30 Progress and challenges on private-sector fusion. DEMO fusion plant design activities. ICF current status

10:30 Networking coffee

11:00 Progress and challenges on: Breeding blankets, qualifying fusion technologies, fusion technology programs at ORNL (USA), JA-DEMO divertor conceptual design, plasma facing component technologies and test facilities development in India

13:05 Networking lunch

14:10 Pre-arranged B2B meetings

16:45 Round table discussions:

  • Round table 1: Private initiatives in fusion
  • Round table 2: New collaborative approaches between industry and research centers in fusion

8:30 Research and Development activities on Broader Approach, KSTAR’s new tungsten divertor, DEMO reactor in QST (Japan)

10:30 Networking coffee

11:00 Round table: how to accelerate fusion development

12:30 Pre-arranged visits to booths at ISFNT industrial exhibition with a facilitator

14:35 Networking lunch

16:00 Networking time: pre-arranged B2B meetings with other VOs

8:30 Safety and design development in fusion devices. Overview of IFMIF-DONES. The role of DTT facility

10:30 Networking coffee

11:00 Specific talks on blanket technology, models and experiments, material technology, safety // In parallel, pre-arranged visits to booths at ISFNT industrial exhibition with a facilitator

13:05 Networking lunch

14:10 Specific talks on plasma facing components, fuel cycle & tritium, nuclear system design, vacuum vessel & exvessel systems

16:15 Networking time, informal group meetings with European Fusion ecosystem

18:15 Free time

20:30 Networking dinner (under own cost)

8:30 Progress and challenges on: EUROfusion program, ITER TBM program, high performance steady-state tokamak Fusion Reactor in China

10:35 Networking coffee

11:05 Progress and challenges on: Design of the US Fusion Prototypic Neutron Source, Private Public Partnership for Early Commercialization and Innovative Fusion Nuclear Technology

12:45 Closure of ISFNT

What you will meet?

The Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT, Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas) is a Spanish public research body assigned to the Ministry of Science and Innovation under the General Secretariat for Research, focusing on energy and environment and the technologies related to them. It has offices in several different regions of Spain, and its activity is structured around projects which form a bridge between R&D&I and social interest goals.

Why to participate?

  • Gain insights about possible business and/or innovation collaboration with other companies and institutions with activity on the field of Fusion technologies and applications
  • Expand network of direct contacts and develop new cross-border partnerships;
  • Identify new business opportunities and get involved in new innovative projects.

Who can participate?

Everyone. But to receive financial support of 1100/550 € an eligible entity should be from from COSME country (excl. Spain, in this event) which is:

  • A cluster or similar business network organization
  • A scaling-up support organization (technology centre, research institute, fab-lab, resource-efficiency service provider, [digital] innovation hub, creative hub, incubator, or accelerator) that is a cluster or a similar business network organisation member
  • A small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) that is a cluster or a similar business network organisation member
  • Have not participated in ClusterXchange mobility scheme

BIGINN: A new beginning for business and Big Science Innovation project ( co-funded by COSME program (GA No. 101037928, COS-CLUSTER-2020-3-03-1). BIGINN partnership is willing to unlock the innovation potential of clusters in relationship with Big Science organizations and bring SMEs and other interested parties closer to Big Science market