Servicing companies in the Big Science market: Learnings and outlook from the BIGINN cluster project

The BIGINN partnership is inviting ILOs, BSOs and other stakeholders to discuss and share insights about servicing the BigScience sector. This webinar will feature conclusions from BIGINN and initiate a discussion on future options for international collaboration. 

Big Science is an international market that involves business partnerships between different sector entities and large-scale Big Science infrastructures. (Denmark), INEUSTAR (Spain), and LITEK™ (Lithuania) have initiated the BIGINN  project in order to mobilise clusters to explore the potential of innovation and international cooperation from the Big Science market. Over the last two years, the BIGINN partnership has arranged more than 10 Business missions and events, analysed the service demand from companies and identified gaps and opportunities in the Big Science market. 

The webinar will open a discussion with Industrial Liaisons Officers and other stakeholders, and some of the conclusions from BIGINN project will be outlined.

The event “Servicing the BigScience sector: learnings and outlook from the BIGINN project”  will address the following topics: 

  • Outcome and learnings of the BIGINN project 
  • Panel discussion: Best practices and experiences from ILOs 
  • Roundtable discussion: Next steps for international collaboration in the Big Science market 

BIGINN: A new beginning for business and Big Science Innovation project ( co-funded by COSME program (GA No. 101037928, COS-CLUSTER-2020-3-03-1). BIGINN partnership is willing to unlock the innovation potential of clusters in relationship with Big Science organizations and bring SMEs and other interested parties closer to Big Science market