What is ClusterXchange or Xchange?

ClusterXchange mobility scheme is funded by the European Union and aims to facilitate transnational cooperation, learning, networking and innovation-oriented activities between the participants. It includes a stay of at least 3 days abroad by the visiting organization (visitor) in the host organization (host) to explore collaboration and growth opportunities.

BIGINN will elaborate and coordinate specific Xchanges according to “ClusterXchange” mobility scheme. It will be dedicated to mobilizing SMEs and other organizations (together – visiting organizations, visitors) in order to explore Big Science market. This will include group visits to Big Science facilities, workshops, conferences, visits to the local stakeholders, networking activities, and other ad-hoc activities tailored to the ecosystem.

Why to participate?

Visitors will be a traveling party of the exchange, visiting Big Science infrastructures and other organizations, workshops, conferences, etc., relevant for business and Big Science market.

Xchanges will allow visitors to:

  • Gain insights about possible business and/or innovation collaboration with entities from Big Science infrastructures and their ecosystem;
  • Broaden sector- and non-sector specific skills and knowledge through capacity building;
  • Expand network of contacts and develop new cross-border partnerships;
  • Find innovative solutions to upgrade business, products and services;
  • Create new business opportunities and get involved in new innovative projects;
  • Gain knowledge on foreign markets and cultures;
  • Benefit from financial assistance for an exchange (up to 1100 Eur co-finance lump-sum).

How to experience Xchange?

  1. Choose your Xchange program and/or show your interest by filling this form;
  2. The personnel from BIGINN will answer all the questions and guide you through the procedures such as registration on ECCP website and ClusterXchange IT Tool;
  3. Enjoy your experience in Xchange and explore business and innovation opportunities of Big Science market.